Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Home Businesses

These two have been added to the Top Home Business page but I am also sending out a quick post about them.  They both have low start up costs and worthwhile products that should be an easy sell!  I also really believe in the work at home moms who are I know who are involved in these businesses!


Viridian is a sustainable energy company.  By becoming an associate you will be able to save people a significant amount of money on their electric bills and help the environment at the same time!  If you ask people if they want to save money on their electric bill, that's usually a no-brainer!  And being able to feel good about what you're doing is a huge bonus.  The start up for this is low - just $99. (Scroll down to become an associate- or just sign on to save money on your electric bill!)

It Works! is a company that sells products like miracle body wraps that make you lose inches, healthy herbal supplements, skin care, and much more. Imagine a portable spa and you get the gist.  Although it is not a party company, customers can and have thrown makeover parties that are fun and successful. If you are into health, fitness, and beauty or even just seeking to look and feel better yourself, this company is worth looking into.  That start up cost is pretty average and currently (6/2013) is half price at only $99.  This will get you materials, your own website, catalogs, cards, personal development materials, and of course wraps!  You will also be eligible for a bonus of $10,000. If you know four people who want to try the wraps, you can become a distributor for free. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity from a real person who has actually been successful with it, read this blog.  It's written by a woman who has made It Works! Global successful for herself and her family.
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